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About Us

LinkToFit is spawn from a personal collection of information found on the internet. From that, roughly 1% of candidates make it, trialed and tested, to the semi-finals. From selection they move to re-application, and if all checks out, again, are ready to be published in the LinkToFit Web Archive.

Ready to be a:

LTF01 LinkToFit aka. LTF

LTF's provided all carry the LinkToFit+-plus Sign of Approval, and free for you to use in your personal mission to GET FIT (again)!
+ Comes from a renown source, and is inclusively substantiated.
+ Significantly enhances your health-choice options.
+ An article needs to add value, and fuel, to the quest for fit.

It’s not easy to find the right & easy-to-apply information on the internet.
Let alone to filter contradicting, outdated and maybe simply because it's hard to keep track of the many pieces of the puzzle, on your road to FIT.

LinkToFit makes it easy for you;
Handing you advantageous & effective articles, products & methods in a compact and easy-to-digest format. Only sending out a limited number of links (bi)weekly, to keep the digestion going, so to speak, and maybe even more important: Because some methods need a little time to implement.

Try out an article you think you like, for a week or 2, and see if you can form it into a habit.

And for that, here’s some Fit Tips to keep progressing more easily;
. Don’t make too many changes at once; It takes about 21-30 days to form a new habit, so just be determined, aware and persist. Easy. Right? Right!

. Choose a 2-3 Month training program that you like and stick with it. Using one makes it so much more natural & achievable to get fit efficiently, and to stay on the right track as you progress! You can Ask LinkToFit for a recommendation.

. Don’t be too strict on yourself. FREAKING OUT! About missing a day of this or that, is really not productive. And some abstinence, of one or the other, might well be good for you. Just make sure you get back on the wagon asap, back on your journey of a lifelong of fit.

Anybody Can Get Fit!
All it takes is the right mindset & determination. Simply persist, and you WILL get there.
LinkToFit provides you with valuable chunks of information, guides you through the maze of scattered online sources, revisits gems adrift, applies, suggests, informs.

Here, things are simple: Click. Educate. Execute. Repeat.

Drop me a line, if you have any questions, or are looking for clarification on a particular subject, for example;
- I need to add pepper to my turmeric intake? Why?
- Should I or should I not do a Warm-up before training?
- I'm lost for the perfect fast & healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner option?
- When should I stretch?

No more need to clamber the whole internet yourself, looking for them Gold Nuggets to help you advance more, better and more efficient, LinkToFit does all the work for you.

Free Subscribe to LinkToFit. It so easy...
Start your Journey to Fit.

Fit Forever!
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About LinkToFit

Disclaimer Details

Following ANY instructions found on this site may raise your fit to a new and unprecedented level.

FEMALE SPECIFIC: Doing regular exercise may boost your sexy to unrivaled heights, and you might need to find new ways to deal with the unmatched compliments and looks coming at you left & right.

MALE SPECIFIC: Although not without effort, also you will be receiving renewed attention, and sometimes even envious glances. Maybe even... unheard-of compliments. Tread carefully!

For all of you goes: JUST DEAL WITH IT!